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Neurological Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for people with a neurological condition

We’re a team of physiotherapists who provide therapy for people living with a neurological condition on the Sunshine Coast, from Buderim to Coolum and Maroochydore to Nambour. Check out the FAQs for a detailed list of the suburbs we service. We offer a mobile physio service, which means we’ll come to you to support you with your specific needs.

We work with a range of neurological conditions, such as cerebral palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, vestibular disorders, Functional Neurological Disorder and other neurological disorders. Check out the Conditions page for a more detailed overview of conditions we support.

Physiotherapy Buderim
Physio Buderim

What is neurological physiotherapy?

Rather than looking at your movement from the perspective of muscles and joints alone, a neurological physiotherapist considers how nervous system damage impacts on your movement. This can include damage to your brain, spinal cord and nerves.

The goal is to support you to maximise your independence, increase your quality of life and to help you reach your potential. To find out more about neurological physiotherapy, check out this article.

Neurological conditions

We work with the following neurological conditions:

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Physiotherapy for acquired brain injury on the Sunshine Coast

Acquired Brain Injury

Physiotherapy for cerebral palsy on the Sunshine Coast

Cerebral Palsy

Physiotherapy for dystonia on the Sunshine Coast


Physiotherapy for  functional neurological disorder on the Sunshine Coast

Functional Neurological Disorder

Physiotherapy for Huntington's disease on the Sunshine Coast

Huntington’s Disease

Physiotherapy for Multiple Sclerosis on the Sunshine Coast

Multiple Sclerosis

Physiotherapy for Parkinson's disease on the Sunshine Coast

Parkinson’s Disease

Physiotherapy for stroke on the Sunshine Coast


Physiotherapy for vestibular disorders on the Sunshine Coast

Vestibular Disorders

Physiotherapy for other neurological conditions on the Sunshine Coast

Other Neurological Conditions

Contact us if you have a different neurological disorder, as we work with many more conditions. Other conditions we work with include ataxia, concussion, dementia, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Motor Neurone Disease, multisystem atrophy, muscular dystrophy, myositis, neuropathy, post-polio syndrome, progressive supranuclear palsy and spinal cord injury.


We also offer a telehealth or online service. For more information, check out the Telehealth page.