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How we work

Do you want to work with a caring physio team on the Sunshine Coast?

We provide neurological physiotherapy, supporting people living with neurological conditions, such as brain injury, cerebral palsy, Functional Neurological Disorder, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke. Check out our Conditions page for further information about the neurological conditions we help.

Whether you’ve worked with a physiotherapist before, or if this is your first time, it’s always helpful to know what to expect. We’ll take you through the physiotherapy journey, step by step.

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Your Physiotherapy Journey

Step 1.

Your first session

As we’re a mobile physio service, we’ll travel to your home at a time that suits you. Allow between 60 to 90 minutes for this first session. 

The focus of this visit is for your physio to get to know you. We’ll take the time to hear your detailed story to understand your journey so far. And yes, family members and carers are welcome to be part of your sessions.

Step 2.

Your Second Session – Physical Assessment

The next step is to assess your physical ability, so allow about an hour for this session. We’ll do a tailored assessment based on information from your initial session, which may include looking at your movement, coordination, muscle strength and endurance to get a better picture of your abilities and limitations. Depending on the complexity of your situation, we may need to follow up with an additional session. If appropriate, we may also provide you with education and some initial home exercises.

We’ll make sure you feel safe and comfortable at all times during this assessment. 

Step 3.

Comprehensive Report

If required, your physio will use the information from your first session and the results from your physical assessment to write a comprehensive report. This report includes our findings, how it impacts on your life, and our recommendations to help you achieve your goals. Your report may be required for NDIS purposes. 

Throughout this process, we’ll take your preferences into consideration. We’ll be honest and realistic about expectations and time frames, because it’s ultimately about working together to help you gain greater independence and experience better quality of life.

Step 4.

Ongoing therapy

Therapy Plan

Every person is unique, so we make sure your therapy plan reflects your specific situation and goals. We take into account your physical ability, lifestyle and environment to design a fully personalised therapy plan.

Frequency and duration of ongoing appointments will depend on your individual circumstances, and recommendations will be discussed. During ongoing appointments, we’ll work alongside you to target your therapy goals. This looks different for every person but may include things like balance training, functional task practice, vestibular exercises, strength and stretching exercises.

Tools and Aids

We can help with recommendations and applications for appropriate equipment such as walking aids or e-Trikes.


We believe a team approach is the best way to go. If we feel you’ll benefit from input by other trusted health professionals, we’ll discuss this with you and help organise referrals.

We have a network of trusted providers, including occupational therapists, speech therapists, social workers, neurologists, podiatrists, psychologists, support coordinators, and other allied health professionals.


With your permission, we make it a priority to stay in contact with other people involved in your care.

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