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What neuro physios do

What is neurological physiotherapy?

Rather than looking at your movement from the perspective of muscles and joints alone, a neurological physiotherapist considers to what extent nervous system damage impacts your movement. This can include damage to your brain, spinal cord and nerves. To find out more about neurological physiotherapy, check out this article.  

Most neurological conditions are permanent, but people living with these conditions may benefit from the help of neuro physiotherapists who understand the complexity of these disorders. One part of neurological physiotherapy is to utilise the brain’s ability to be re-wired, through therapy and exercise. This is known as neuroplasticity, which is explained in the following video. 

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Neurological conditions

What neurological conditions do we work with?

In general, we work with anyone experiencing a neurological condition or disorder who may benefit from neurological physiotherapy or rehabilitation.  Some of the more common neurological conditions we treat are:

Physiotherapy for acquired brain injury on the Sunshine Coast

Acquired Brain Injury

Physiotherapy for cerebral palsy on the Sunshine Coast

Cerebral Palsy

Physiotherapy for dystonia on the Sunshine Coast


Physiotherapy for  functional neurological disorder on the Sunshine Coast

Functional Neurological Disorder

Physiotherapy for Huntington's disease on the Sunshine Coast

Huntington’s Disease

Physiotherapy for Multiple Sclerosis on the Sunshine Coast

Multiple Sclerosis

Physiotherapy for Parkinson's disease on the Sunshine Coast

Parkinson’s Disease

Physiotherapy for stroke on the Sunshine Coast


Physiotherapy for vestibular disorders on the Sunshine Coast

Vestibular Disorders

Physiotherapy for other neurological conditions on the Sunshine Coast

Other Neurological Conditions

What does a neuro physio do?

A neuro physio assesses the impairments that result from a neurological condition, and how this impacts function. For example, they may assess strength, changes in sensation and muscle stiffness, and then have a look at how this impacts the person’s ability to walk or to do everyday tasks around the house, such as writing or preparing meals. 

Example of what a neuro physio does at our dedicated neuro-gym in Buderim
Example of what a neuro physio does at our dedicated neuro-gym in Buderim

A neuro physio will then develop a therapy plan based on the assessment. This may include education, recommendations on equipment or support, as well as an exercise program tailored to the person’s needs.

Depending on the neurological condition, a neuro physio can work with people to help them maintain, improve or maximise current levels of function.  

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