eTrike – How can I trial an eTrike?

What are the benefits of an eTrike

In the previous post, we had a look at what an eTrike is, and what the benefits are. The e-trike can help people fulfil their daily chores, increase feelings of independence, increase productivity as well as provide exercise and therapy which has been shown to improve mobility, and increase health-related quality of life factors.

How can SCNR help me with an eTrike

SCNR work closely with experts in electric Trikes and Bikes, Blind Freddy Richard, Andrea and the team at Blind Freddy have extensive experience in all things bike-riding. We work closely with them, to find a bike/trike that is most suitable for your needs.

A successful eTrike application – bike from Blind Freddy eBikes

What can I expect from SCNR? What is the process?

The first step is to talk to your physiotherapist to see in an eTrike might be suitable for you.

If your therapist thinks an eTrike may be suitable, they will organise a time to trial some eTrikes with yourself, the therapist and Blind Freddy at a mutually convenient time and location.

On the day of the trial, you will meet at a pre-determined location. Wherever possible, we endeavour to make it in a place you will be riding, or a place with similar terrain. This may be around your home, in a park or another suitable location.

You will usually trial a couple of different trikes to find one that is most suitable for your needs. Your therapist and the team and Blind Freddy will likely already have an idea of what type of trike may suit you. For example, is a semi-recumbent bike going to be a better option than a more traditional upright trike.

Your therapist and Blind Freddy will talk about any options or add-ons that would be helpful for you. This may include a basket to hold a jumper or a water bottle through to flags for safety.

During the trial your therapist may take notes, as well as photo and video footage. Photos and video footage can be helpful if they need to write a report to apply for funding for the eTrike.

Taking into account your preferences, safety and how it went in the trial, your therapist will make a recommendation on which trike is most suitable for you.

If a report or letter of recommendation is required, your therapist will provide this for you. Blind Freddy will also write up a quote, including information on how the trial went.

What are the costs?

  • Blind Freddy require a pre-paid fee for the time taken to trial the bike. If you are an NDIS participant your funding may be able to cover this.
  • Time spent for the Therapist to travel to and be present during the trial.
  • Therapists time for report writing if required.

Can I get help to pay for an eTrike?

You may be able to get funding for an eTrike, however this is something that depends on individual circumstances, and we are unable to guarantee. Possible funding sources may include;

  • the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)
  • funding through an Aged Care Package

At Sunshine Coast Neuro Rehab we have successfully assisted several NDIS participants in getting funding for eTrikes. We are unable to guarantee that you will be successful in your application, but will work closely with you

Here at Sunshine Coast Neuro Rehab, our Sunshine Coast Physiotherapists understand you and your condition. We support people with neurological conditions to achieve more function, greater independence and quality of life. If you are interested in finding out if an e-Trike might be suitable for you, you can make a booking by calling (07) 5448 1155 or email

Rebekah McClellan
APA Titled Research Physiotherapist