Physiotherapy for Gympie and Caboolture

SCNR expand to provide Physiotherapy Services to Gympie and Caboolture

Sunshine Coast Neuro Rehab now provide mobile physiotherapy services as far north as Gympie and as far south as Caboolture. You can even meet us at a pool for aquatic physiotherapy!

Gympie is an inland region on the Sunshine Coast, 170km north of Brisbane (the capital of Queensland).

Caboolture is 50km north of Brisbane. Some consider this area the northernmost limit of Brisbane.

Fun Facts about Gympie

  • Gympie was once known as Nashville, named after James Nash who discovered gold in the region and “saved Queensland”.
  • The name Gympie is derived from the Aboriginal word “gimpi gimpi” meaning stinging tree.
  • Gympie is home to Matilda, the giant kangaroo mascot of the 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games. Matilda is over 13 metres tall and weights 6 tonnes. She now lives at the Service Centre at Kybong.

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Physiotherapy at Gympie

Fun Facts about Caboolture

  • Caboolutre is home to the Caboolture Historical Village where you will find over 70 old buildings including a barber’s shop, post office, police station, stable, chook house, shire hall, blacksmith’s foundry, sawmill, lockup, and a morgue. You will even find a toffee making roller that dates back to 1802. Yum!
  • The first settlers came to Caboolture in 1842. Prior to this, settlement was illegal for 50-miles around the Moreton Bay Penal Colony.
  • Land in the Caboolture region could be purchased for £1 an acre in1864. What a bargain!

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Where else do SCNR service on the Sunshine Coast?

SCNR travel from Gympie to Caboolture, and almost everywhere in between. This includes Maroochydore, Sippy Downs, Coolum and Caloundra. You can see more of the areas we service on our webpage:

What does this mean for you?

If you are located in the Gympie or Caboolture regions you can now access our mobile physiotherapy services. We offer our services to those living with neurological conditions such as strokes, brain injuries and more. If you would like to make a booking for mobile neurological physiotherapy, please call (07) 5448 1155 or email [email protected]